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At Premier, we value our customer feedback. We ensure that our customers benefit from all our products. Here read how our key customers — our dealers, vendors & employees and have partnered with the organisation and developed a close bond with the company. With this issue, we celebrate those who help us, motivate us as well as challenge us to innovate and keep moving forward.

Greaves Cotton Limited

Greaves Cotton Ltd. is one of India’s leading and well-diversified engineering companies. Their product portfolio includes pumpsets, gensets (diesel) and diesel engines.

Mr. Sayyad contacted Premier’s Machine Division last year for a customised solution to a problem they were facing during production.

“The PH B 150 machine helped us reach the highest quality standard by eliminating unnecessary processes, giving us consistent results at lower costs,” Mr. Sayyad

High Quality and Prompt Service: was the feedback received from Premier customers

L. G. Balakrishnan & Bros. Pvt. Ltd. (LGB)

LGB is one of the leading industries in South India that was established in 1937 with a fleet of 250 buses, and today, stands proud as the premier manufacturer of automotive chains under the popular brand name Rolon.

“We were looking for an association that will help us maintain high standards with zero errors. We found a perfect match with Premier Ltd. The key focus of the company is precision and quality products with prompt customer service; the cherry on the cake being its low maintenance cost and userfriendly operating system,” Mr. P. Prabakaran, Deputy Managing Director, LGB, Coimbatore.

8: Premier CNC Machines in the LGB facility


When you consider the way we are organised at San Auto and the complexity of the sector in which we operate, the PHC–150, PHA–250 and PSC–250 machines of Premier have definitely given us competitive advantage, as they provide reliability, flexibility and consistent end-product quality.

“Premier is, without doubt, an impressive company, which aids us in attaining our full technical potential. The company has always stood by us to extend excellent product support and is a real point of reference in the factory. Currently, we are also manufacturing one of our aerospace components on Premier’s 5-Axis Gear Shaper Machine.” San Auto

Established in 1988, San Auto is engaged in the manufacturing of precision-machined components for sectors such as aerospace, oil exploration, mining, construction and automotive.