Gear Rim for Heavy Machine (6 meter) VTL

Gear rim is the main component which is used in the kinematics of the table from the main motor. It is an external helical gear mounted below the table to facilitate in the rotation of the table via a pinion.

Table Casting for Heavy Machine (6 meter) VTL

Huge bed castings with thermosymmetric design well proportioned to absorb all static, dynamic & cutting forces during metal cutting.

Thickness & ribbing of casting is specially designed for vibration free operations and total rigidity of machine. Castings are stress relieved.

Column with Ball Screw & LM Guideways for small VTLs

Rigid Construction for heavy cutting at higher speed with better accuracy with precision ball screw & LM guideways.

Hydrostatic Guideways for X & Y

Hydrostatic guideways for good dampening at heavy cutting loads. No metal to metal contact and hence no wear and tear of guideways.

Ram Head Assembly for VTL

Robust ram head with a square ram for stability and rigidity. The vertical movement of ram is through ball screw and is hydraulically counter-balanced. Live tool option is available for turning, boring, milling, drilling, tapping etc. Grinding attachment can be provided as an extended feature.

Auto Tool Changer (ATC)

ATC with 12/20 station disc type to accept turning as well as rotating type tool holder. Floor-mounted/crossrail-mounted construction available.